"I know I'll be happy with her the rest of my life." - Jim Caviezel


First -successful- attempt creating a gif via “convert to timeline” Photoshop CS6. But something went wrong when I saved my gif, I saved it with “Forever loop” but when I tried it it played only once with a blank image at the end. I reopened the gif, clicked once again on “Forever loop” and took off the blank image. And it worked ! Now I need to practise again.

Great job emeline~ :^D


John Reese / Jim Caviezel Appreciation Post - My Gifs.

John Reese’s adorable gorgeous beautiful face

From Person Of Interest C.O.D. [2.09], part 3.

John Reese Appreciation ~ Tall, quiet & handsome

SE306, Mors Praematura


John Reese / Jim Caviezel Appreciation Post - Caption & Fan Art / My Edits

From Person Of Interest C.O.D. [2.09].


“Barrabas” says Passion filming (of The Passion of the Christ) led to his conversion

Madrid, Spain, Mar 9, 2005 / 12:00 am (CNA).- The Archdiocese of Madrid’s publication “Alpha and Omega” publised an article in its latest edition on the testimony of the actor who played Barrabas in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” who says he experienced a profound conversion while making the movie. Pedro Sarubbi, in an interview with the Italian daily Avvenire, said he had wanted to play St. Peter but Gibson “had already chosen the actors based on their resemblance to the different characters as portrayed in the paintings of Caravaggio and other masters.”  “As Barrabas, Gibson told me to avoid looking at Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus, until the very scene in which we were to appear together.  ‘Barrabas is like a ferocious dog,’ he told me, ‘but at one moment he becomes a puppy: when he meets the Son of God and is saved.  I want your look to be that of somebody seeing Jesus for the first time’.  I did as he said, and when our eyes met I felt a sort of surge.  It was like I was really seeing Jesus.  I had never experienced such a thing in all my years of acting,” he stated.

Sarubbi said “The Passion” “was not only a professional, but above all a human experience.  I am not embarrassed to say that during the filming I had a conversion.  All of the actors who took part changed a little bit after this experience, but I have learned much more from the film than from any conference.”

The actor said his spiritual search “began many years ago and took me around the world.  I have done extensive anthropological research, as a man and as an actor.  I have been instructed in the martial arts…I lived in a Tibetan monastery for six months with a vow of silence. I have practiced meditation in India, I have lived in the Amazon.  I have reached the final goal of this search in Jesus.” 

Now, he went on, “I do everything possible so that those eyes continue to be important for me.  My family is first above all, and I also play a clown for orphaned children.  On the other hand I have my work.  I teach businessman how to act in public. I teach in various acting schools.  I use what I call the warrior-priest-clown method.  In life you have to be strong, honest, spiritual and funny.”

Although Sarubbi has traveled around the world, he is most at home on his farm on the outskirts of Milan, with his wife and four children, and dozens of animals.

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Just some MidoriTaka seiyuu love I would like to share while I am working on disc 2 :)


Dedicated to  my friend irrelevantinberlin49. Hope you like them!


::John 'Sitting like a Boss' Reese::

»Dedicated to aznpursuazn, darkhero35, emelinelovesjc, eyesofwitt and sonoma44

Ohohohoho, this is very nice Selma… You know, ‘cause he sits with his “box” open hehe :^D *eyebrow wiggle*

"You can take it with you."
The C41. // 2. // 3. 

Jim Caviezel @ Husky Stadium

Found a video interview of him at the stadium in Washington via POI Forums. (Mamahub) He looks so happy to be back in his hometown~


Plus an adorable picture of Jim and his son (I think? Bo?) and Tony Parrish. 

Dude, if that really is Bo then holy crap he grows fast. Give him a few more years (or less) and I’m pretty sure he’ll reach Jim’s height… I think he’s taller than me and I’m 4-5 years his senior… LOL. He’s so adorable though. Plus, he’s matching with his dad. Like father like son. :D <3

"This man had his legs blown off in the war. I got a chance to talk with him… He has a beautiful soul. The Lord be with his beautiful soul." -Jim Caviezel

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John Reese / Jim Caviezel Appreciation Post - Caption & Fan Art / My Edits.

From Person Of Interest C.O.D. [2.09].


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